Around Chilliwack—TEDxChilliwack 2019

Around Chilliwack | Posted by Matthew Hawkins

What is TEDxChilliwack?

TEDxChilliwack is a not-for-profit, annual one-day event held in Chilliwack, British Columbia. Come hear live speakers share innovative and optimistic ideas with a community of open and curious minds searching for ways to make a difference.

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From the TEDxChilliwack website:

“TEDxChilliwack is an independently organized local group comprised of passionate volunteers who are dedicated to ideas worth spreading. The fourth TEDxChilliwack event will take place on April 13, 2019 at G. W. Graham Theatre. The goal of this event is to help people connect in an environment that inspires the expression of unique points of view and celebrates perspectives from our local community.

Imagine Chilliwack’s most fascinating and engaging speakers, with new, big ideas, coming together for one day to share their passions and their visions for the world. We are home to extraordinary ideas and remarkable people and TEDxChilliwack looks forward to showcasing this brilliance and helping to enable these great ideas to be put into action.”

2019 Speaker List

This years speakers include Carin Bondar, Dave Dinesen, Michelle Ebbin, Natalie Forstbauer, Natella Isazada, Jess Montgomery, Jon Morrison, Dr. Kevin Orieux, Steven Point, Reen Rose, Alyson Seale, and Fatima Zaidi.

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