The 4th Annual TEDxChilliwack was held on Saturday, April 13, 2019 at G. W. Graham Theatre




Dr. Carin Bondar

In the Wake of Wild Sex… Evolution and the Modern Mom

Motherhood in Homo sapiens is the most complicated and enigmatic result of the evolutionary process. Despite the fact that humans are subject to the same biological pressures as the rest of the animal kingdom, our brains are far larger than even our closest primate relatives. What are the ultimate evolutionary repercussions of having the ability to ‘think’ our way out of the constraints of basic biology? What can a biological perspective show us about the paradoxical roles of the modern mom?


Dave Dinesen

How to Feed 10 Billion People, Deliciously

Sixty years ago, if you would have told farmers that one day, tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers would be grown indoors, without soil, and grown all around the world, year round, they would have called you crazy. And along came greenhouses. Fast forward to today, the technology now exists to grow another slice of the produce the world needs, 12 months a year, anywhere on earth, and more reliably than ever. Developed in Langley, patented globally, CubicFarms technology allows automated, commercial scale and virtually foolproof growing of hundreds of crops, using very little water, energy, labour and zero pesticides.


Michelle Ebbin

How a Search for Connection Led to a Revolutionary Invention

Autism is the fastest growing developmental disorder worldwide, impacting families and communities everywhere. Devastated to receive an autism diagnosis for her son Jett, Michelle Ebbin was determined to do everything possible to help him and find a way into his world. Discover how her search for ways to connect with her son, culminated in the invention of revolutionary products, JettProof and CalmWear, that are positively impacting the lives of those living with Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder and Anxiety around the world.


Natalie Forstbauer

Brain Injury to Brain Upgrade

Brain injuries are one of the leading causes of death and disability worldwide with over 69 million people being affected every year. Natalie Forstbauer, sustained a brain injury in 2003 and explores how healing is not about being cured, but rather embracing life through a new lens. A brain injury gifted her profound appreciation for the essence of healing. Learn how compassion and grace turn brain injuries and adversity into brain upgrades and new opportunities.


Natella Isazada

The Power of Child-Like Innocence

Have adults overlooked an effective source of problem solving? The course of history was altered on a global scale not long ago by a child asking a simple question. Instead of building walls, perhaps children's innate compassion can teach us to build stronger bridges to peace. Natella Isazada's life in Azerbaijan changed dramatically during the disintegration of the USSR. Living in four countries, learning five languages and working in three careers, Natella's passion to understand why we opt for conflict over cooperation has bolstered her conviction: Despite our differences, we can develop solutions together by embracing the Power of Child-like Innocence.


Jess Montgomery

How Your Clothes Can Save the Planet

The global clothing industry is contributing to climate change and mass-scale environmental degradation. But it is not just how our clothes are made that is the problem, it is the amount of clothing that is being produced—and purchased—on a daily basis that is destroying the planet. Jess Montgomery argues that we have the power to create a more sustainable clothing industry, and that this starts with taking responsibility for how and what you value.


Jon Morrison

Start With Who: How To Spread Your Ideas

Too many ideas today are being ignored by the very people that need to hear them most. This is frustrating if you are the one with the idea, trying your best to get your message out. If you are struggling to make the income and impact you deserve, you may be missing out on the most important communication tool used by the most effective communicators today. Start With Who is about capturing the attention of the people you want to reach by showing up every day and solving a problem for someone. Start With Who is the best approach to test a market, grow a business, create raving fans, and live a life of purpose.


Dr. Kevin Orieux

Do Doctors Really "Care" in Healthcare?

What does it mean to “care” in healthcare? That depends on who you ask: the patient or the doctor. There is an age-old phenomenon in social dynamics whereby older adults make sage recommendations or give instruction to younger adults, but younger adults frequently choose not to comply with these recommendations, to the disadvantage of their own long-term health and welfare. Why does this phenomenon occur in families, on the job and even in doctor-patient relationships? The problem can be defined as a conflict of perception. Dr. Kevin Orieux has studied these conflicts of perceptions for over 25 years, both in his clinical practice as well as from his sociological research of group dynamics in the workplace, and he provides insights on how people can resolve conflict by using a medical approach to solve social problems.


Hon. Steven Point

Reconciliation: A Music Project

Finding alternate ways to build bridges between cultures.


Reen Rose

What You Don’t Know Is Hurting You

Humans are programed to distrust change, even if it might make them happier. This programing is outdated and doesn’t serve you. In fact it is probably hurting you. Learn why it is important to embrace change, and what steps you can take to protect yourself from your programing.


Alyson Seale

Purposeful Steps Away From Ableism

Imagine a world without sexism, racism and ageism, an amazing place where we embrace each other’s gifts and proudly claim all of our identities. Ableism is a hidden ‘isms’ embedded in society—a belief in the superiority of typical able bodies/able minds over bodies/minds falling outside our definition of normal. What if we deconstruct the binary able/disabled and construct differences of body/mind as part of our beautifully diverse human continuum? How would that look? Where do we even start? Let’s not get theoretical—let’s get real. By purposefully examining ableism, we can take action improving our society.


Fatima Zaidi

Ending Homelessness Starts with Inclusion

The rising cost of housing and the rising number of people experiencing extreme levels of poverty, including homelessness, has put us in a state of crisis. Fatima Zaidi explores the impact of short-sighted policies and brings to light how the current system is designed to eliminate the “homeless” instead of “homelessness”. Zaidi demonstrates how eliminating homelessness requires creating a shift in our mindset and our understanding of poverty. Drawing upon her honours thesis on homelessness and public policy, experience in policy and program development and passion for working with marginalized members of our community, Zaidi talks about what it really takes to end homelessness.



Damien Carriere

Damien is an international award-winning Canadian magician and actor who has performed around the world from North America to The Great Wall of China! He has had the privilege of being the opening act for the well-known Canadian children’s entertainer Fred Penner. Damien has performed as the featured act to sold out clubs and theatres, in festivals, on film and television, and even in ballet productions! He specializes in Grand Illusion, Close Up Magic and Comedy Magic. He has taught magic and acting to theatre groups, schools, communities, clubs and private individuals. Learn more.


Trevor McDonald

We’ll be treated to a solo performance by Chilliwack’s hardest-working musician, Trevor McDonald. Trevor performs more than 100 times a year around our community is very active as an event planner working with many yearly events including Canada Day, the Chilliwack Fair, Party in the Park and the Village Classic Car Show to name just a few. He is also the emcee for many charity events each year as well, donating his time and energy to incredible local causes including Ruth & Naomi, Ann Davis Transition House, Chilliwack Bowls of Hope Society and the Salvation Army. Trevor was the recipient of the Paul Harris Fellowship Award and the Stan Rogers Legacy Award by the Chamber of Commerce for contributions to Chilliwack. Plus, he hosts the Ultimate 80s Show on 89.5 The Drive.


Lori Paul & Spiderlodge

Spiderlodge is a Chilliwack-based folk rock band made up of Fraser Valley Music Award winner Rick Genge, singer/songwriter Lori Paul and percussionist Clay Thornton. Spiderlodge’s 5th album ‘Palomino’ is hot off the presses. Visit us at Find our music on ITunes and Chill TV.