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Final TEDX show Jan 31 sets up for April keynote speakers finals April 19


TEDxChilliwack held it’s first Applicant Showcase Night on January 24. Fifteen people from this year’s applicants took the stage for four minutes each. In their time on stage, they explained what their “idea worth sharing” was, why they are qualified to speak on it, and how it would encourage TEDxChilliwack attendees to take action. Following their 4-minute synopsis, each speaker was posed a question from one of the emcees.

When all fifteen speakers had taken their turn, the sold-out theatre audience voted for “The People’s Choice”. At the same time, a speaker selection panel of TEDxChilliwack organizing committee members chose three additional applicants to move on to speak at TEDxChilliwack’s main event on April 13, 2019 at G.W. Graham theatre. See the last TEDX speakers and more here.