Thanks for your application

Your TEDx Chilliwack 2019 speaker application has been received. We are very excited for you! Below are few key notes to get you started on your TEDxChilliwack 2019 journey:

  • You will receive an email by November 27 letting you know whether you have been selected to continue on or not

  • A maximum of 39 applicants (13 per night) will be invited to present their talk ideas to a panel of judges and an audience in January

  • Auditions will take place at Cottonwood 4 Cinemas on January 24 and 31 and February 7

  • Selected applicants will be assigned an audition date by late November

  • On each of the audition nights potential speakers will be given four minutes to present their ideas to the judges and audience on what they would like to present at TEDxChilliwack 2019

  • We encourage all potential speakers to invite friends and family for support

  • From the judging process, up to nine (9) speakers will be invited to present live at TEDxChilliwack 2019, on April 13, 2019

Your audition

  • We've prepared a simple How to prepare for your TEDxChilliwack audition guide

  • The point of the audition is to present your ‘big idea’ that you feel needs sharing—it is NOT to present a mini version of your proposed TEDx Talk

  • Watch this sample video to get a feel for what the judges will be looking for

Additional information

To go even deeper, here’s a recording from our recent TEDxChilliwack Speaker Search Symposium. Past speakers share their experiences and answer common questions.

We wish you every success with your TEDxChilliwack 2018 journey.

The TEDxChilliwack Team


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